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SPC560X: 32-Bit Power Architecture®

Training Objectives

You know the Power Architecture with the SOC implementation of STMicroelectronics, the on-chip periphery (basic and special peripheral modules) and features of the SPC56x family. You are able to program low-level drivers for this hardware and test them with a debugger. Moreover, you can generate routines for DMA, interrupts and exceptions.

Required Knowledge

Knowledge of ANSI-C as well as experience with programming a microcontroller architecture. Knowledge of DSP is an advantage.

Target Group

Hardware and software architects, hardware and software developers, test engineers


STMicroelectronics SPC56x Architecture: Overview

Power Architecture (e200z0h) Overview
   - CPU, pipeline, register sets
   - Memory model
   - Memory units: SRAM, flash memory

Overview: Instruction Set

On-Chip Bus Systems
   - Multi-layer AHB crossbar switch XBAR
   - Peripheral bridge, peripheral bus

Interrupt and Exception Handling: Vector Table and Service Routines
   - Interrupt controller INTC

Direct Memory Access Controller DMA

SPC56x On-Chip Peripherals:

Timer Modules
   - Software watchdog timer module SWT
   - System timer module STM
   - Periodic interrupt timer PIT
   - Real-time clock module RTC
   - FlexPWM unit
   - Enhanced timer eTimer
   - Enhanced modular IO subsystem eMIOS

Cross Triggering Unit CTU

Analog-Digital Signal Processing
   - 10-/12-bit analog-digital converter ADC

Communication Interfaces
   - Deserial / serial peripheral interface DSPI
   - Enhanced serial communication interface eSCI / LINFlex
   - FlexCAN
   - Safety port

CRC Module

System Integration Unit Lite SIUL

Fault Collection Unit FCU

System Configuration
   - Reset configuration, monitoring and generation
   - Clock generation: FMPLL, internal oscillator
   - External interrupts
   - GPIO (pin definition and port functions)
   - External multiplexing (e.g. ADC, DSPIs)
   - Start-up process
   - Boot assist module BAM

Power Management Controller PMC

Debug Interfaces
   - JTAG controller JTAG, Nexus2+ interface

   - Exercises are carried out with an SPC56x starter kit, focusing on the following aspects: interrupt controller, DMA controller, basic peripheral modules.



Price plus VAT

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2,350 €


5 days


The Training Price Includes:

Lunch, drinks, training documentation and training certificate.



All open trainings take part at MicroConsult GmbH in Munich, unless a different location is indicated for the respective training.


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